(Founder of Thigh Hand Do Martial Art,
President - Global Asian Jeet Kune Do sports Organization
President - Jeet Kune Do Federation Of India)

JEET KUNE DO FEDERATION OF INDIA is headed by Grand Master Vivek Kaushik (President-JFI) whose extraordinary efforts in the field of Jeet Kune Do were recognized by Professor Carter argrave (President -World Jeet Kune do Federation,U.S.A.). Grand Master Vivek Kaushik started his JKD training in 1986 at the age of 9.He also trained himself in Boxing under the former National Boxing player Mr. Bhishm Chaudhary He has been awarded the Master Instructor Certification from World Jeet Kune Do Federation.

in the year 1990.He has also trained himself in Kung-Fu. He has won 45 National Championships in JKD. He is Black Belt IV Dan in JKD. He started teaching JKD to the students in the year 1994. So far he has trained atleast 30000 students in JKD out of which there are 95 students who have been awarded Black Belts.He founded the International Jeet Kune Do Martial Art Foundation in 2002.He is the Member of JEET KUNE DO UNLIMITED HIGH PERFORMANCE STREET FIGHTING (South Africa) which is headed by Master Morne Swanepoel. He has organised 21 district level, 20 state level and 18 National level Championships in India.

Authorised Membership for India
of Jeet Kune-Do High Performance Street Fighting South Africa

-:- Achievement of Life -:-

U.P. State Kung Fu Championship
1989 - 3rd Position

All India Martial Art Championship
1995 - 1st (Gold Medal)

2nd First North Martial Art Championship 1990 - 3rd Position

National Open Martial Art Championship 1998 - 1st (Best Coach Award)

2nd North India Martial Art Championship 1990 - 1st (Gold Medal)

All India J.K.D. Championship
2001 - 1st(Best Teem Award)

First North India Karate Championship 1991 - 2 Silver Medal

Open Taekwondo Championship
2002 - 1st (Best Coach Award)

First All India Martial Art Championship 1992 - 1st (Gold Medal)

1st National Jeet Kune-Do Championship
2003 - (Best Juri Award)

2nd All India Martial Art Championship 1992 (Gold Medal )

World Jeet Kune-Do Selection Championship - (Best Instructors)

3rd Taekwondo State Championship Ship 1993 - 1st (Gold Medal)

First Jeet Kune-Do State Championship 2004

1st North India Wu Shu Championship 1994 - 2nd (Silver Medal)

First National Jeet Kune-Do Championship 2005

North India Karate Championship
1994 - 1st (Gold Medal)

2nd National Jeet Kune-Do Championship 2005

All India Martial Art Championship
1995 - 1st (Gold Medal)

National Jeet Kune-Do Championship 2006.

All India Martial Art Championship
1995 - 1st (Gold Medal)

Master Certification Of World Jeet Kunedo Federation - (USA) In 2006.

Vivek Kaushik with Oskar Farnandis

Vivek Kaushik

Vivek Kaushik
President of
National Sports Federatin